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Energy Efficiency

Saving the environment

Water is the lifeblood of the Versatemp System, not refrigerant as in many other air conditioning systems. The very small amount of refrigerant used, is contained within a hermetically sealed circuit inside each of the terminal unit.

By capturing and fully exploiting the building’s surplus heat, the Versatemp system is able to achieve a dramatic reduction in energy consumption, helping to preserve the Earth’s energy resources, and therefore decrease CO2 emissions at the point of power generation.

Summary of environmental benefits:

  • No risk of major refrigerant leaks / need for refrigerant detection equipment
  • Energy efficient water based system
  • Utilises free and pre-paid energy
  • Easily complies with stringent safety requirements of BS EN378
  • Well maintained terminal units have been known to operate efficiently after 20 year of operation
  • ECA compliant on selected models
  • System can be easily upgraded with out expensive changes to associated plant

Savings on installation costs

With no complicated network of refrigerant filled pipes, the system offers significant capital cost savings over equivalent refrigerant based air conditioning systems.

No specialist knowledge is required to install the system, as the small amount of refrigerant inside the terminal units is contained within a hermetically factory sealed circuit. Installation of the water loop and terminal units, electrical connection of the terminal units and outdoor plant pack(s) being all that is required.

Summary of installation benefits:

  • Quick, simple and economic installation
  • Simple two-pipe water loop
  • No pipe work insulation needed
  • Minimum size and numbering of wall/floor penetrations
  • Minimal plant space required
  • Requires no specialist knowledge, equipment or fittings

Saving On Maintenance Costs

Maintenance is fast, simple and inexpensive – as no refrigeration expertise or specialist equipment and fittings are needed.

The terminal units are designed with the installation and service engineer in mind, with quick access, and components positioned for easy replacement. Easily removable for workshop repair, maintenance on one terminal unit does not affect the performance of the system.

The terminal unit’s user friendly electronic controls include diagnostic software to aid the service and maintenance engineer, reducing down time to an absolute minimum.

Summary of maintenance benefits:

  • Routine maintenance is minimal
  • Modular components easily removable for maintenance
  • Maintenance on one terminal unit does not affect the performance of the system
  • Terminal unit controller includes self diagnostics
  • Preventative maintenance packages available
  • Through-life service and repair options available

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