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The Packaged Plant Pack

The Versatemp packaged plant pack unit is a factory built, all in one plant unit, designed to simplify the needs of consultants and contractors alike. The Versatemp packaged option unit brings together a dry cooler for heat rejection, electric flow boiler for sites that do not have a mains gas supply, brazed plate heat exchanger for sites with a mains gas supply, pumps, valves and full control system designed specifically for the control of the Versatemp water loop system.

Versatemp’s packaged plant pack works on a simple, reliable, and proven principle. Designed for ease of installation and maintenance, a discreet, uninsulated two pipe water loop interconnects terminal units in each area or room, and the plant pack(s), located externally on the roof or ground.

The packaged plant water loop is kept within a wide operating temperature band throughout the year, with the terminal units either taking heat from the water loop or rejecting heat into the water loop. Only when the demand for energy exceeds that already in the water loop, does the plant pack operate – either to provide or dissipate the heat balance.

Dispensing simultaneous heating and cooling around a building The Packaged Plant Pack achieves a thermal balance for much of its operation, enabling dramatic energy savings to be realised, particularly in mid-season.

Versatility In Application: The Versatemp packaged plant pack is ideal for both new and refurbishment fast track projects where space is at a premium and on site assembly needs to be reduced to a minimum.

It is essential in today’s environment that manufacturers can offer a complete system package that reduces cost by minimizing on site assembly time. This also reduces the risks associated with complex supply chains.

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